Friday, December 4, 2015

Spotlight: Close Encounters of the Rubber Duck Kind

Title: 'Close Encounters of the Rubber Duck Kind'
Length: 284 pages
Author: Vincent Lemon

Genre: humour / fantasy / fiction / sci-fi / young adult upwards

Blurb: This book is an alternative, gently humorous take on planet Earth's beginnings. The universe is made up of a vast TV network. Unbeknown to mankind, the Earth is broadcast as The Earth Channel to viewers around the cosmos. The Earth Channel has been live for billions of years. Before humans and dinosaurs roamed the Earth, The Earth Channel was the second least popular channel in the universe. This changes when Calzone, an alien working for this TV network, populates it with two pet lizards.
Planet Earth's fate becomes inextricably bound to The Earth Channel's ratings. When its popularity rises up the TV charts, strange, and then even stranger things begin to happen upon it.

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