Friday, February 20, 2015

Spotlight: Hot Heads

When the local policeman's bike is stolen, Steve, an aspiring pre-teen detective, is intent on solving the crime. Meanwhile, his dad, plans to win a gardening contest, and organize a bowling match to win a donated pig, who the local children call Patch. The pig charms most of the local populace but a small contingent, including Dirty Ronnie – an evil vagrant hobo – aims to win the pig for it's nutritional value. Steve and his friends embark on a mission to solve the bicycle crime, help his father win the competition, and rescue the doomed pig.

Steve concludes that it must fall upon his friend Sarah, who has become quite attached to the pig, to win the bowling competition and save the animal, but his dad's bowling extravaganza is fraught with problems, as are his attempts to construct a fish pond to win the garden contest.

Tempers begin to flare and the village is divided as false accusations fly and rival factions begin fighting over the pig, the garden contest and the village fate festivities. Things get worse the night before the event when Steve's dad is arrested for bike theft, and the pig mysteriously disappears.

Of course, it all turns out well in the end, despite the bungling misguided efforts of our armature detective.

Author Bio:

Stephen R. Drage is a freelance author, speaker and entrepreneur. He was born and raised in the UK but after traveling extensively he eventually settled in the US. He now lives in Atlanta, GA.
In 2011 Stephen published his first novel Mud Lane – a comedy about life, seen through the eyes of a child growing up in rural post war England.
He followed up with two more books,“Hot Heads” and “Mountain Misery,” that continued this tradition of comedic nostalgia.
In 2012 Stephen was awarded the Atlanta Writers Club prize for fiction, was a finalist in the Toastmasters “funniest man in Georgia contest, ”and in addition has won numerous awards for public speaking.
He is currently working on a comedy about Gardening. 

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