Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Press Release: In the Company of Educated Men

The Bitter Ignorance of Privilege
A Young Man in His Car, the Open Road, and a Disturbing Reality

Astor + Blue Editions is proud to present the profound literary novel In the Company of Educated Men, by Leonce Gaiter (ISBN paperback: 978-1-938231-84-1, epub: 978-1-938231-82-7; Fiction, Thriller, Crime, Coming of Age; pub date: September 2014), an intense story of wanderlust, confused self-reflection
, and resentful grudges. Gaiter, a Harvard educated African American writer, provides an incisive statement on racial and socioeconomic injustices in the United States.
Lennie Ashland is a Harvard Graduate without a plan for the future. With the mind of a philosopher, Lennie has an unquenchable thirst for meaning; for finding his ‘place’ in the world.  He and his friends embark on a soul-searching road trip which quickly leads to disaster – a fine example of how one bad decision can spiral completely out of anyone’s control. They meet Jessie, an armed teenager with an abusive past and a hopeless future, and Cindy, a little girl running from a hostile home life.  One thing’s for sure: this road trip is something Lennie will never forget.  
In the Company of Educated Men touches upon some sensitive themes, including socioeconomic gaps, racism and hate crimes, anxiety and depressive disorders, and domestic abuse. Gaiter’s heart-pounding thriller leaves you breathless while his poetic prose induces an intensely cerebral reading experience.

About the Author
Raised in New Orleans, Washington D.C., Germany, Missouri, Maryland and elsewhere, Leonce Gaiter is the quintessential army brat—rootless, restive, and disagreeable. He began writing in grade school and continued the habit through his graduation from Harvard College.
His nonfiction writing has appeared in the New York Times, New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Times, LA Weekly, NY Newsday, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Salon, and in national syndication. His noir thriller; Bourbon Street was published by Carroll & Graf in 2005. His 2011 historical novel, I Dreamt I Was in Heaven was also recently published. He currently lives in Northern California.


TITLE:                                         In the Company of Educated Men
AUTHOR:                                                    Leonce Gaiter
ISBN (paperback):             978-1-938231-84-1
ISBN (ePUB)                           978-1-938231-82-7
ISBN (ePDF)                            978-1-938231-83-4
Fiction; Thriller; Coming of Age; Crime
315 pages
September, 2014

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