Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spotlight and September Giveaway

This month I'm running a combo giveaway with the prizes being both books one and two of the Talisman Trilogy!
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The Gypsy Thief:

The Gypsy Thief is set in modern day Rhode Island and is the story of Laura Calder and her love for two boys: Andrew Easton, a descendant of King George the First, and Miguel Dos Santos, a mysterious gypsy who has royal ties of his own. More than 300 years previously, a dying Portuguese princess named Gabriela cast a gypsy curse on King George the First who issued a royal decree to counteract that curse. In the spring of 2012, the time has come for the decree to be fulfilled: Miguel Dos Santos must die by the hand of Tristan Easton, the eldest son of the Duke of Easton. But when a tragic accident befalls Tristan, it is up to his younger brother Andrew to carry out the decree, a situation complicated by the fact that Miguel once saved Andrew's life. Andrew's father, the Duke of Easton, aware of Miguel's act of bravery, decides to let him live, but not without cost. He forces Laura into an impossible situation in order to save Miguel and her family. She must make a life-changing, heart-breaking decision, even as she tries to understand the messages from the mysterious disk she wears as a talisman around her neck, a talisman she must protect from the duke, as it is now her only tie to Miguel. Ultimately, The Gypsy Thief is a story of family honor and the lengths we will go to protect the ones we love, a story to be continued in its sequel, The Dark Prince, and concluded in The Shadow King.

The Dark Prince:
Laura Calder's life is no longer her own and now time has run out--she must marry Andrew Easton--sweet, trusting Andrew who loves her wholeheartedly and is unaware that he is a pawn in his father's twisted fairy tale. Miguel is haunted by a sentence in Laura's note and when he finally learns the truth about her 'arranged' marriage, he sets in motion a plan to free her and also to reclaim his family's lost legacy which the duke harbors in a safe on his country estate. The talisman's messages have never been more specific and the bond between Miguel and Laura has never been stronger, but the duke's other demand may be the one thing that drives them apart forever. He wants a grandchild--not only as proof that Laura's love for Andrew is real, but also to prove once and for all that the gypsy curse has not come to pass. As Book Two in The Talisman Trilogy races to its dramatic conclusion, Tristan makes a startling revelation and a dark prince emerges from the shadows. But it is the duke himself who has been keeping the deepest, darkest secret of all--one powerful enough to rewrite history and seal the destinies of Laura, Miguel and Andrew forever. Their story will conclude in The Shadow King.

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  1. i have never read this but the talisman necklace looks awesome!


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