Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spotlight: The Other Side of the Frame

Check out this epic YA fantasy called The Other Side of the Frame, by new author, Neil Gershon. 

Here's a brief synopsis:
"Sami’s ordinary evening takes an extraordinary turn when after opening a mysterious box, she is suddenly sucked into a large frame and dropped in an isolated field.  Relying on confusing clues and objects that have unique powers, Sami’s confidence in finding her way back home is shattered when she discovers she has been transported to 1864.  Meanwhile, Jeb begins his own challenging journey home, where he is guided by mysterious events, maps that seem to foretell the future and strangers who are inexplicably overeager to help.  When the journeys of Sami and Jeb converge, Sami comes to realize there is a path home, but only if she can decipher further clues and properly balance her own instincts against the advice of Jeb’s family and the guidance of a horse that appears more intelligent than the people around her."

Neil welcomes all types of feedback/questions and can be contacted via email at

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