Saturday, June 29, 2013

Free Book Notice: Kamori: Mystery of the Pau'i

Kamori: Mystery of the Pau’i
by P.A. Mundi 
Free giveaway weekend: Sat 29th June and Sun 30th June

Exclusively on Amazon Kindle:

This is a coming-of-age tale with a mystical twist. It involves the ‘Kamori’—advanced chameleon-people with color-morphing skin. But there is a problem: in kamori society, color morphing is taboo; adults must permanently display “National Colors” like a uniform.
Along comes an orphan named Meyu. Born in the wilderness, he knows no societal norms. He loves to color-morph and he can even make his skin sparkle and glow--just like the caverns he once called home. In civilization Meyu is considered a freak. Nobody realizes that his skin holds the key to long-forgotten powers of the Spirit—powers once harnessed by the legendary civilization of the Pau’i.
The story is set on an outlandish world named B'hu (bee-oo) where most plants can move, squirt, or shoot, and  where most pets have their own littler pets.
Will Meyu fulfill his destiny and rekindle the golden age of the Pau’i? Or will dark forces prevail? Join Meyu as he journeys through his fascinating planet on his quest for truth.
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