Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blog Tour Stop: Guest Post by Amalia Dillin, author of Forged By Fate


The Origins of Forged by Fate

What if all the gods lived, and all mythology was true?

That’s where Forged by Fate started, from that big what if question I’ve been fighting with since childhood, when I asked my mother if the Olympians were the black sheep of God’s family – cousins and nieces and nephews, related distantly and never invited for dinner. (She said no, and I still remember feeling somehow disappointed. Sunday school was fine, but it would have been a lot more interesting with some Greek gods thrown into the mix.)

What if all the gods were real? What if all the different myths were just stories from other worlds, and what if all those different gods were brought together under one roof. After all, my inner-self argued, if ONE religion is true, if even ONE god actually exists, then that could mean there are others. That could mean they’re all out there, somewhere, arguing over who gets what and plotting to kick one another out if they don’t get their way.

But that wasn’t the only idea that made Forged by Fate what it is today. Distinct from this idea of mythology coming to life, there was another, pestering question in the back of my mind. What if there was a woman who lived, life after life, over and over again, witnessing history generation after generation.

How that woman became Eve, I don’t recall – only that she went through several (re)incarnations (ha!) before I settled there. But it was always a woman, not-quite-mortal, and the family she had claimed throughout history meeting her again in the present. And once that woman became Eve, in a world where all the gods lived, and all mythology was true, I couldn’t very well ignore Adam.

Forged by Fate is the result of a mish-mash of ideas that somehow, through no conscious intent of my own, all came together into this big, beautiful tapestry of all the things I loved most.

And really, if you’re going to write a book, why would you have it any other way?


  1. Wow, this book sounds really interesting. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'm going to add it to my TBR. :)


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