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Blog Tour Stop: Promising Light

The Protectors Blog Tour: Character Interview

Hello, everyone! First, thank you Larissa for hosting me. My YA Epic Fantasy series, The Protectors, is on tour! The books follow a family of shape changers as they struggle against a group of oppressive noblemen called the Protectors. For today’s tour stop, I’m interviewing my two main characters, Grace and Dar.
Context: This interview takes place a few chapters into Promising Light. Grace and Dar were carrying on a secret courtship, but they have since separated due to secrets and a strange man who told Grace that Dar was dangerous. At this point, they are both on a political trip in a city called Nyad. Grace is escorting the prince, and Dar is attending with his father, a governor of a state.

Emily: Hello, Grace, Dar. I suppose you’re both surprised the other is here.
Grace: Yes. I guess if I had thought about it, it would make sense that Dar would be here, considering who his father was.
Dar: I wasn’t expecting Grace at all.

Emily: Are you enjoying Nyad?
Grace: Yes, very much. It’s so different than my hometown, which is interesting because they’re rather close. But it’s beautiful here and Governor Peter and his family are so pleasant.
Dar: I’ve sat through a lot of boring meetings, but in general, yes.
Grace: The circus was amazing!

Emily: Dar, did you enjoy the circus?
Dar: Oh, yes.
Grace: I met the wild child. In the show, she pretended to be raised by tigers, but of course she was just a normal woman. Her name was Sierra.
Dar: You met her?
Grace: Yes. The prince seemed to know who she was.
Dar: Interesting.
Grace: I thought it was very interesting. You wouldn’t have anything else to say about it, would you?
Dar: Nothing at all.

Emily: Perhaps a change of subject. . .Grace, will you recommend an activity or food or something unique to Nyad to your friends back home?
Grace: Certainly. Their spiced cider is to die for. I think Jocelyn would really enjoy it.

Emily: Dar, how is Nyad different than your home state?
Dar: Shyra is a farming state. Flat lands, you may say. Nyad is very tropical. The people here are a bit more outgoing and flamboyant while Shyrans are more reserved. I’ve enjoyed Nyad, but Shyra will always be home.

Emily: Is there anything you wish Shyra had that other cities do?
Dar: There are a few people I wish would move to Shyra.

Emily: Such as?
Dar: I’d rather not say.
Grace: Of course you wouldn’t.

Emily: Grace, have you visited Shyra?
Grace: Yes. My family visited a few times. My father is the king’s general of the armies, so he went on a few recruitment tours around the country. I enjoyed my time in Shyra. Especially looking up at the stars and trying to name them with an old friend.
Dar: I enjoyed that, too.

Emily: I’ll end this while you’re on each other’s good sides. Thank you both for coming by.

If you want to read more about Grace and Dar, be sure to check out the series at Amazon ( or any other ebook retailer!

We’re almost done on this blog tour! Wow! Tomorrow, you can come visit us at Vidya’s blog ( with Character Secrets!

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