Thursday, August 23, 2012

Follow Friday

Happy Follow Friday #111, make a wish!

Q: Worst cover? What is the worst cover of a book that you've read and loved?.

A: The worst cover of a book that I read and loved would probably be Kevin's Point of View, which I did a review for. I think I remember hearing that a kid drew the picture and the author included it on the cover, a while ago he was trying to raise enough money to print a new edition with a different cover, but I'm not sure how things are going with that.

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~ Larissa


  1. Hmm, this book's cover is definitely simple, but aww, it's actually kinda cute. :) New follower!

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    Happy Friday to you too!

  2. Someone else picked this cover...must be one of those great minds things. Because if I had ever seen this book, I would have chosen it as one of the worst covers in this week's FF.

    Following you via GFC. My FF

  3. Needs more effort indeed, at least the story was good.

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  4. That really is an unappealing cover. Probably wouldn't have glanced at it being the cover whore that I am lol!
    I loooove your blog name :).

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    Here's my FF :)

  5. I actually think the cover's kinda cute! Like, aww. Nothing I'd display, of course. Or buy.
    But. It's kinda cute!

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  6. Uhm, just let me keep it on: I find it a bit strange..

    My FF!

  7. Yeah, it wasn't very good. But it served it's purpose well as I've managed to attract enough attention that I've redesiged the book and am currently sending the 2nd edition to several publishers. Three have agreed to give it a look and a fourth is close. If you're curious, you can see the generation of the 2nd edition (and new cover) at this website.

    And I remain very thankful for your very thoughtful and enjoyable review, Larissa. :)


  8. ohmigosh eww i don't like it either.

    new follower


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