Friday, March 23, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

Hi everyone! I was awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by Amanda at Truth, Justice, & Other Stuff

The rules: link back to the blogger who awarded said award. Done! Provide ten facts about myself…not done. And pass it on to six people. Well! Here we go.

1. I went to the Hunger Games premiere at midnight and I would go to the theater and see it everyday until it came out on dvd if I could!

2. When Suzanne Collins came to do a book signing in my town, I got to the store an hour before it opened so I could be first in line.

3. I am allergic to gluten, and think that far too few people even know what it is (so if you don't know look it up! ;-))

4. In my spare time I usually always read (shocker right?) But I am about halfway through a rough draft of a novel that I have been working on for... a long time.

5. The four types of pets that I have never had that I would want if the pet fairy came to my door would be: a pug, a pot-bellied pig (or a royal dandy), a hedgehog, and a turtle.

6. I am a huge fan of LOST and Firefly and am still really sad that they are over/cancelled, but currently am hooked on Downton Abbey.

7. I think Victorian England and a parallel reality where machines are made out of clockwork rivals peanut butter and chocolate for the best combination ever invented.

8. I have an obsession with movie scores and movie trailer scores.

9. When I was four years old I told my mother that I wanted to be a bookworm.

10. My horoscope is Sagittarius.

My Winners Are:

1. Alaskan Book Cafe
2. Back to Books
3. Bookgirl Knitting
4. Epic YA Reads
5. Fighting Dreamer
6. YA Story Teller


  1. Congrats! I wish I got to go to a Suzanne Collins book signing. Jealous!!

  2. Congrats and thank you!
    I'm a fan of Downton Abbey, too. :)


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