Thursday, December 1, 2011

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Question: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to books? Maybe you don't like love triangles or thin plots? Tell us about it!

Hm. Well, one of my big pet peeves about the books themselves are the typos, if I am reading a book that has a lot of typos or grammatical errors it really distracts me form the story. Whiny characters also REALLY bug me, especially if they are the main character. I am sorry that the love of your life turned out to be a demon, but could you stop digging in your heels and moping and go forth on your magical quest to save the universe now please? (That was me talking to a whiny character)

What are your literary pet peeves?



    I hate when I keep getting pulled out of a perfectly awesome story by typos, run-on-sentences and continuity, too.

    Also! You're reading Nineteen Eighty-Four? YES! This book CHANGED MY LIFE, and made me realise that a book could be powerful--about more than just entertainment. They can enlighten, educate, instill dangerous ideas that can shape, create, redefine and educate futures, prejudices, entire lives. Oh, la! I get seriously excited about it XD

  2. I hate when characters are whiny for no damn reason...Like the vampire that is sad about being a vampire. Oh, I'm sorry, is eternal life, good looks, unending physical power, and a seat at the top of the food chain too unbearable for you? Trade ya!

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  3. OMG yes, whiny characters are the worse. I've ended up disliking perfectly good books simply because I've wanted to whack the protagonist over the head with a shut-up stick!

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  4. If an author uses their, there, or they're in the wrong sense it drives me insane. It's amazing how many of those problems still make it to the final project. Great post today!

  5. Hopping through. I'm with you on typos. I don't mind a few (they're kinda fun to pick out), but more than one or two is unprofessional.
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  6. Yes. Those things. You are entirely correct :)

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  7. LOL. So very true. This was one of my problems with a certain male character once upon a time.

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  8. Typos are awful. Why can't authors proofread? New follower :)

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    I can completely agree with you. I actually put those on my list too, check it out

  10. Me too!

    I dislike typos! It's in my answers too!

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  11. hey, ahh typos. I'm feeling more and more sorry for the ones still existing in FoS, although I still claim it's not my fault. 3 Day deadline and an editor with no time to read it again himself. I did my best, honestly.

  12. Totally agree on the typos, it's my pet peeve too! Whiny characters are also pretty bad, how could I forget that?

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  13. Hello! New follower! I love what you said about whiny characters. I wonder why authors do that? Are they just trying to make sure that we really know that the main character is not happy with his/her situation? It does get old--fast. =)

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  14. Typos shouldn't be, I agree.

  15. I hate typos! I find them to be such a slap in the face to the readers. If an author doesn't bother to put the time in to properly proofread their book then why should I take the time to read it?

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  16. Whiny characters are my biggest pet peeve! But I forgot to add typos: I'm going now to add them to my FF!
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  17. Yes! Whiny characters are SO FREAKING ANNOYING!
    I'm like: So what, that your mum got kidnapped by some creepy witch? GO GET HER BACK WITH THAT HOT GUY!

    Yeah. Mine's also about grammar :D

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  18. I agree, typos are literally "THAT GUY" when it comes to a novel.

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  19. Typos and grammar mistakes are my big peeve too! My mind just focuses on them, and I really can't get past it. Bleh. By the way, I love your blog's name. Completely why I clicked on it. :)

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  21. I agree with you completely. Grammatical errors just show up to me like big neon signs. But what annoys me more than whiny characters are the oblivious characters and the 'bad' slutty flirty characters.

    One can't tell her boyfriend isn't normal despite all the signs and the other tries for a guy with not only overly overt flirting but with some terrible slutty edge stuff. Seriously, if you're going to flirt, at least be good at it.

    I sent this blog post to my blog. I'm working on a novel myself, maybe you'll review it one day.

    And your blog's name is cute and I like your reviewing style.


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