Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review: Ties to the Blood Moon

Title: Ties to the Blood Moon
Author: Robin Waldrop
My Rating: 3.5 TURTLES: A very enjoyable read, I recommend you check it out.
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Genevieve is a teenage girl who moves in with her aunt in Alaska after the death of her mother. Soon after her arrival she learns the things she was raised to believe only existed in fairytales are in fact a big part of her history. When it gets to be too much she seeks refuge in the arms of her new boyfriend, William, only to find out he's not who she thought he was either.

This is a Young Adult paranormal urban fantasy romance with mild language and mild sexual situations recommended for readers in grade 9 and up


I really liked reading Ties to the Blood Moon. I greatly enjoyed Robin Waldrop’s spin on the werewolf/vampire myths, all the creatures had a detailed history, and I love backstory in books. The settings are beautiful and very well written, I love Alaska and New Mexico, but I haven’t read many books in those locations, so that was a treat. I loved the interactions with Luna and her brothers, and the multiple minor characters that all have distinct personalities. Also, this book had one of those Oh-My-God-that’s-so-awesome! Moments for me. In the book there is mention of a small Alaskan town called Tok, which I have actually been to and remember very well for their amazing BBQ ribs, so that was cool!

What I didn’t enjoy so much from this book was that there was so much information going on at once that it was a bit confusing to keep track of it at times. Also, the main character, Genevieve, though coping with many traumas, it felt as if she cried every other chapter which got a little annoying after a while.

That being said it was a fun exciting read, with a killer plot twist at the end that I totally didn’t see coming. I will definitely be continuing on with the series to find out what happens next. I would recommend this book especially to lovers of urban fantasy and of the werewolf/vampire myths.

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