Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spreading the Word

Spreading the Word isn't exactly something that I 'host', but it is something I do once in a while to promote a blog I think should be promoted. If you decide to catch on and do it too, I think it is super cool to give deserving bloggers a bit of time in the limelight.

This time I am featuring a blog called The Girl With a Book. I try hard to find blogs with not many followers to feature, and the reason I chose to feature this one is, partly because she only has 6 followers, also partly because she is going to give book giveaways as she gains more followers! It is a really cool blog, and if you want to be part of the giveaway ;-) you should definitely hop on by and give her your follow.


  1. That's so nice of you to do that! I'm going to compose a horrid haiku just for you!

    The wolf cries at night
    Boy in the wild is now man
    As blood hits the ground

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! It really means a lot to me that you would blog about my contest. You are my absolute favorite person ever!


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