Monday, March 15, 2010


My dog, Loretta, past away today she had a good, long life, but being fourteen and a half, she had to move on. This is a poem I wrote in honor of her death.

To Say Farewell To An Old Friend On A Spring Day

To say farewell to an old friend on a spring day

With not the knowledge

Of the next meeting

Or if there is to be one

The cold death of winter


In the midst of the season of birth and life

The flowers

Barely more than buds

Cut and arranged

A final parting gift

The pinks and yellows

Of daffodils and cherry blossoms

Set in hand

Along with sweet words of adieu

To say farewell to you, my old friend, on a spring day

Trusting that the morning dew and gentle breeze

Will carry you

Safely home

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  1. I wrote a poem when my fish Boomerang died... will post later.



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