Saturday, February 7, 2015

Spotlight: Take Back the Memory

What would you do if you found out your husband of thirty years is not who you thought he was?
What would you do if you suddenly discovered that you have indeed had the one thing you had yearned for all your life without realizing it?

Now, imagine a woman transformed from psychiatrist to patient, and lured into a compelling backward journey through her own life on a psychotherapist's couch. Imagine skeletons from the past pulling her back into the vortex of darkness from which she thought she had escaped. Paige Lyman is a woman conned by fate, and plagued by damning memories she must decipher in order to be free.

Take Back the Memory is a psychological exposé on love, betrayal, vengeance, and a heart-wrenching secret.
Twitter: @austin_sam001
Author bioAugustine Sam is a bilingual journalist and an award-winning poet. A member of the U.K. Chartered Institute of Journalists, he was formerly Special Desk editor at THISDAY newspapers, an authoritative third world daily, first published in collaboration with the Financial Times of London. He later became correspondent for central Europe. In 1998, his entry poem in the North America Open Poetry contest, Anguish & Passion, was adjudged winner of the “Editors’ Choice Award.” His poems have been published in two international anthologies: The Sounds of Silence & Measures of the Heart.
Sam’s recent work, Take Back the Memory, a contemporary women’s fiction, was released in October last year by Melange Books LLC. And his complete collection of poems is scheduled to be published in March this year.

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